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About Us

Meat production contributes heavily to increase in greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, soil degradation and water stress. Current consumer available alternative approaches only offer formation of ground meat products such as hamburgers and sausages. There is no commercially available method that allows 3D formation of alternative meat cuts in mass quantities, the holy grail of this impactful and growing industry. 


Utilizing our proprietary technology for formation of 3D structures, we already demonstrated production of whole meet cuts superior in terms of speed (>5 Kg/min), durability, feature size (<0.5 mm), visibility and production-price compared with current state-of-the-art. 


We are revolutionizing this field based on patented technologies developed at the lab of Prof. H. Shpaisman (Bar-Ilan University, Israel). We strongly believe that collaborative innovation is key for advancing the alternative meat industry and making a substantial positive global impact.  

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